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Offering seller financing on 3107 E. 36th. The house needs some work but it’s in a great area on the south hill.

In addition to regular cosmetic repairs you should expect to also do a new roof, soffits, and facia. I also noticed some minor sagging in the kitchen floor. From the basement it appears that someone tried to band-aid in some supports so I’d recommend bringing in an experienced framer to determine if it’s worth adding some structural supports or jacking up the floor.

In my experience these issues are not that difficult to address if it needs to be addressed at all. Houses tend to settle over time and sometimes it’s perfectly safe and acceptable to live with it. I have not looked at it closely enough to determine if that is the case though.

That’s the worst of it. Otherwise it’s a great remodel opportunity in a great south hill neighborhood.

Our comparable sales in the area have put this property at an After Repair Value of $141,000

After Repair Value: $141,000

Purchase: $80,000


Plenty of equity available here with a good remodel. Seller financing terms are as follows…


$8,000 down, 3% origination fee, interest only payments of $741.60, due in 1 year


$20,000 down, 1% origination fee, interest only payments of $505, due in 5 years


$80,000 cash

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